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Anonymous asked:
Could you NOT be such a jerk about it? It's your gif, yes... But pewds is a person not a picture. He did that. His reaction, his movements, his life... They aren't yours. Also, the guy or girl who posted that never claimed it as his own.




I have to ask you where did I give you the impression that I was being a jerk exactly?
The video belongs to Felix and the impression belongs to Felix that’s right. But I made that gif, I put effort into it so I think I deserve a tiny bit of credit. Did I ever say that the video was mine?

Guys seriously, I’m trying to be myself in this blog. I’ve shared so many personal things here because I know you guys are there for me. That is because at this point in my life I needed people to be there for me. I have NEVER pretended to be someone else. I was NEVER mean to any one of you. If I was, just go ahead and send me a message. I never did something wrong I just commented that the gif was mine and it was reposted.
I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. Are you expecting me to only post edits and never post something personal? Should I not post my YouTube videos or my personal stories here? Maybe I shouldn’t share my opinion about anything right? Is this what you want? I’m not trying to be cocky I’m TRULY asking you guys.

Sorry if this was long
Thank you for sharing your opinion

alright guys I’m gonna explain why we get pissed if our gifs are reposted:
1) we put time into it, meaning that even tho we have school work and stuff we need to get done we still take time to make this, and this doesn’t take 2 minutes it can take up to half an hour or more.
2) photoshop can chrash, we lose everything we made, we need to start again and do every single step again. funfunfun.
3) coloring gifs can be a pain in the ass sometimes I can’t even decide what looks good and what looks terrible because I change the colors so much.
4) getting an idea for how to make the edit/gifset isn’t that easy either you gotta make it look good, it has to make sense, can’t be too long, if it has text it has to be readable, etc.
5) sometimes the edits we work on don’t get a lot of notes, then you see someone repost it and it gets a lot, you kinda just wanna punch through your screen (don’t get me wrong it’s not all about the notes but it feels like the work’s appreciated and made good if it has them)
6) finnaly, even tho the reposter doesn’t say it, when they repost, they automaticlly claim it. there is a reblog button there.
Su didn’t say anything offencive nor been a jerk, she was just kinda mad the gif got reposted. I’m sure yall woulden’t be so happy if something you worked hard on got reposted and got a bunch of notes or more than your original post.

Nika thank you so so much for this I appreciate it very much! 

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it’s incredible how a video game can have so much personal meaning and importance to you

but then when you talk to another person who played it they’re like ‘yeah it was ok’

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budokaitenkaichi asked:
so I was watching Pewdiepie's FIRST SpeedRunners video and I noticed it was posted EXACTLY one year ago from today, on October 1st. I just compared it to one of his most recent videos, the Pewdiepie Cup and woah, has he gotten better at this game. Just thought I would point this out haha.

Wow, exactly 1 year ago? That is awesome =D To be honest, I like it better when he is a bit lame at a game x’D

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It’s morning!

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They are me tbh

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My reaction in math class

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"what the fuckcake"

—Pewdiepie, 2014 (via sassy-shark)
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