jelly-kelly-lalala asked:
yo go to bed cx you're amazing though, Bro day Every day~! 👊

yep, but first, let me watch some yt videos u_u :D and you’re fab\( *´•ω•`*)/

Anonymous asked:
Hello ^__^ I just wanted to say that I love your blog and it's one of the best ones I follow! thanks, byee!

Heeey~ c: Thanks for loving my blog and following me!:D

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withlovebuenanonimo asked:
Where do u live? What time is it there? ^^

I live in Hungary and now it’s midnight :D

blogs-in-the-sky asked:
Hi :) How are you? :) I just wanted to say that i think your blog is amazing :3 *Brofist*

Hello ^o^ I’m fine thx and you?:D I’m really glad that you think that n_n *brofist*

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July Favorites 2014

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typical-laziness asked:
What's up? ^u^

Not a lot, I should go to sleep soon, but I really don’t want to sleep yet :c And there?:D

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vedi-il-verde-oltre-le-lacrime asked:
Hiiiii what are ya doin'? I'm so bored t.t

Hey there n_n I’m just chillin here on tumblr :D Also I need to catch up with Pewds’s videos because I should make gifs ~ Watch some horror movie!:D


youtube meme:  → [1/2] couples

↳ Marzia and Felix
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Anonymous asked:
Message received and uhh, message sent :D been following your blog for about a month now, gotta say, perfect blog is perfect :) keep it up, oh and do a lot of people think you're PewDiePie?

Thx for sending me a message and I’m glad that you like my blog ^_^ A lot of people used to think that I am Pewds but since I made some changes it’s rare now!:D

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0mnipxtent asked:
Hello! I just wanted to say I love your account, it's one of the best Pewds accounts I follow. I hope you're doing well, bye! ❤️

Hi, thank you for this kind message \(^3^)/ Have a nice day *brofist*

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Anonymous asked:
Did you know that Pewdie goes 'Broop Broop' when the bro scares him?

What is ‘Broop Broop’ ?:o

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Send me a message :3

Anonymous asked:
Who loves Felix? We love Felix!


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1. Me neither
2. I don’t care

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